Personnel training as a condition for innovative development of an enterprise in the conditions of the digital economy (on the example of the hotel business)



  • Anna Ivanova Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, Moscow, Russia
  • Elena Nikolskaya Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, Moscow, Russia


personnel qualifications, innovative development, digital transformation of education, hotel business


The article examines the role of personnel training for the innovative development of an organization using the example of hotel enterprises in the capital region, analyses the dynamics of the personnel innovativeness indicator and the structure of innovations introduced. The authors emphasize the feasibility of continuous development of staff skills, highlight the main shortcomings of personnel qualifications in hotel enterprises and analyse the importance and advantages of digital transformation of educational activities, as well as the relationship between the development of employee competencies and the implementation of innovations. The results of the analysis obtained by the authors will allow the management of hospitality enterprises to monitor the dynamics of innovative potential in the context of such indicators as innovativeness of personnel, human capital and learning ability, raising the qualifications of employees, taking into account the advantages of digital transformation of the educational process, and improving the quality of services provided by enterprises in the hospitality industry.