Peculiarities of the political culture of the Caspian border territories in the context of the politics mediatization



  • Olga Oskina Astrakhan State University, Astrakhan, Russia
  • Ekaterina Kudryashova Astrakhan State University, Astrakhan, Russia
  • Adelina Nogmova Diplomatic Academy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, Moscow, Russia
  • Madina Dzhantaleeva Astrakhan State University, Astrakhan, Russia


political culture, border territories, Caspian Sea, mediatization of politics, informatization, digitalization


The article is devoted to topical issues related to the mediatization of politics at the present stage. These problems are of particular importance in border territories, where multiculturalism is pronounced. The authors analyse the phenomenon of mediatization of politics and determine the degree of its impact on the political space of the Caspian border territories, as well as identify the features of political culture and factors that have a determining influence on the communicative content of these territories.