Customer experience in the formation of a value proposition in a digital environment




Digitalization, Digital environment, Customer experience, Value proposition, Consumer communications


The most important problem of the Russian tourism industry is the lack of consumer interest in domestic tourism services due to the existing negative customer experience and the lack of a value proposition that meets the real needs of consumers. The purpose of the study is to substantiate the importance of customer experience and the formation of a value proposition in the digital environment, to strengthen domestic tourism in Russia based on the results of a field study. To achieve this goal, the article presents the results of a selective marketing research by the survey method, which revealed causal relationships between the planned travel expenses of the population and the number of family members, the duration of the trip and the purpose of the trip, and also determined the influence of the independent variables "purchase condition" and "rest condition" on the planning of expenses of families with children. Calculations were made based on the methods of the theories of marketing research, strategic marketing and consumer behavior. Based on the results of the study of the customer experience of consumers, three target segments were identified, a portrait of consumers of each segment was described based on demographic, social and psychographic criteria, and a concept of strategic positioning was proposed. Based on the positioning of the service, a value proposition has been formed in each segment.