Centres of economic growth of the Russian Far East




Far Eastern Federal District, state program, other intergovernmental transfers, target indicators, monitoring, co-financing, performance indicators, socio-economic development of territory


The Far East is a region that has been developing more slowly than other regions of the Russian Federation for a long time. The problems of the development of the region are natural and geographical - the severity of the climate over a large area of the region,
remoteness from the federal center, infrastructural - the poor development of intra-regional ties, problems with transport, social - low (compared to the average Russian indicators) provision of residents with medical, educational and other public services. The weak development of industry, low GRP and, as a result, the high dependence of the budgets of the Far Eastern subjects of the Federation on transfers from the federal budget are serious problems of the Far East. In order to develop the region, the state program of the Russian Federation «Socio-economic development of the Far Eastern Federal District» has been developed. The main goals of the state program are: the formation and development of territories of advanced socio-economic development with favorable conditions for attracting investments in the Far Eastern Federal District and the development of economic growth centers of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation that are part of the Far Eastern Federal District, and some others. The plans for the social development of economic growth centers, developed by the regions of the Far East and financed to a large extent from the federal budget, can play a key role in this.