Priorities of personnel policy in the sphere of science




Training of scientific personnel, Financial support of scientific organizations, State scientific policy, Scientific results.


The development in the sphere of science and the results of scientific activity are determined by a complex of factors, where a prominent role belongs to scientific personnel. There was intensive development in the field of science and improvement of scientific
organizations activities results. In Russia, on the contrary, a reduction in the number of scientific organizations, and the number of scientists was observed. The purpose of the study is to determine the priorities of personnel policy in the field of science based on an analysis of scientific personnel state in Russia in comparison with large developing countries that are members of the BRICS coalition; search for funds to strengthen the financial position, increase the efficiency of research organizations and the effectiveness of scientific personnel. The influence of science personnel potential on the country’s position in global rankings has been proven. The need to revise the priorities for the development of science and the expediency of adjusting the state scientific and technical policy is justified. Conclusions about the need for further transformations in the field of scientific activity, the urgency of finding innovative
forms of financial incentives for scientific research to strengthen the material and technical base and human resources of science are made. Further research is recommended to focus on finding innovative ways of state and public regulation, updating the applied economic instruments, and creating attractive working conditions for workers in the field of science.