Toolkit of budgetary rules in ensuring balance of budgetary policy




State budget, Budget balance, Budget policy, Budget rule, Modernization


This study is due to the execution of the state budget of the Russian Federation with a deficit for several years, the low efficiency of the introduced and used budget rules, due to their obsolescence. The purpose of the study is to identify ways to ensure the balance and
stabilization of the state budget, using rules and restrictions at the national and subnational levels. The research was carried out using methods of analyzing scientific papers corresponding to the research topic, finding and processing statistical data, comparing,
identifying trends and patterns, and synthesizing research results to form conclusions. Methods of budget rules modernization were formulated as a result of the study with justification of the need for their implementation in the country’s budget system. The conclusion was made that a budget rule can contain characteristics of several types at once, which contributes to increasing the flexibility and efficiency of this budget rule application.