Methodology for estimating the cadastral value of real estate objects when creating the Krapivinsky reservoir




Krapivinsky reservoir, Krapivinskaya HPP, Kemerovo region – Kuzbass, Environmental impact assessment, Real estate objects (land plots, capital construction projects), Green energy


The authorities of Kuzbass drew attention to the objects of the Krapivinsky hydroelectric complex in 2019 that is 30 years after the suspension of construction. It was decided to assess the environmental impact and choose one of the following options for completing the construction of the Krapivinskaya HPP on the Tom River: zero option (refusal of completion), refusal of completion with liquidation of unfinished construction objects, option of completion to the project parameters of 1976 and option based on the results of basic
technical solutions development in 2021. The initiative to consider the possibility of completing for the Krapivinskaya HPP construction in the current socio-economic conditions prevailing in the region will not only become an important incentive to study the prospects for the development of the region, but will also determine the priorities for radically improving the state of natural surface waters and living conditions of the population. However, the design of a hydroelectric power plant is a process that requires a comprehensive assessment of objects that will be in the zone of its influence. Some of those objects are flooded real estate objects. In the course of the study, calculations for real estate objects (land plots and capital construction projects) that will be in the flood zone are presented at elevations of 175.0 m and 177.5 m above sea level in the Baltic Elevation System of 1977. This work presents the results of cadastral value assessment for the real estate that will be flooded.