Systems and effective management methods in the conditions of digitalization




SCORM, synchronous learning, Asynchronous Learning, Education-online platforms, distance learning technologies, virtual platforms, online communication


The digitalisation of all processes and management in all areas of social and economic life is widespread. Therefore, the emerging new human needs are also forming new modern requirements that are constantly being updated. This will lead to transformation in all areas and open the way to new paradigms. One of the areas of human activity is the field of education, which is constantly undergoing transformations to improve the quality of the educational process. Distance learning is a modern form of education. This is due to the fact that distance education makes it possible to study regardless of the distance at which the student is located. Therefore, increasing the effectiveness of distance education by using new technologies is a continuous process. This paper deals with the system of distance education platform development. It is also planned to consider the modern ways to implement distance education and conduct education in an effective way. This will make it possible to determine the specifics of distance education in the current situation; systematize the accumulated knowledge and form a scientific opinion.