Review of the effectiveness of new information technologies in the era of global digital technologies




education, information technology, global development, quality of education, additional reality AR, geoinformation system, virtual reality VR, digital economy


The dynamic development of the economy in society is of great help in solving problems with the internal and international conditions of the development of a global country. Currently, the continuous and rapid development of information technologies in the economy is due to the quality of this knowledge system. As you know, the development of digital information technologies is due to the systematic and continuous quality education of secondary schools and higher educational institutions. That is, in the case of the development of information technologies, humanity can change, simplify life in society, introducing into history any innovative developments, in whatever industry they may be. Undoubtedly, the digital economy, which has become the core of today's topic of industrialization in accordance with the requirements of the digital era of new information technologies, is one of the leading mechanisms in the development of socio-social, industrial relations, various services and innovations at a characteristic level, in the management of infrastructure facilities with a new civilizational trend, i.e. in improving the social quality of life of the population.
This article examines the effectiveness of the use of digital information technologies in educational fields.