Further professional education: challenges in an unstable environment




Professional training, Labor market, Employee development, Human resource management


One of the indicators of human capital development today is the degree of involvement of the country's adult population in lifelong learning. And it seems reasonable from the point of view of the Decent Work concept proposed by the International Labor Organization, thanks largely to which society has come to understand the importance of self-realization and personal development of workers. This article highlights the field of further professional education, demonstrating its opportunities, prospects, and impact on changes in an employee's work career, particularly in the transition from an executive to managerial position. The authors used the example of Master of Business Administration (MBA) programs to demonstrate the return on investment in this type of training, confirming the development of relevant managerial competencies in the majority of MBA graduates. Moreover, it is shown that further professional education can be an effective instrument for adapting to the labor market even in an unstable environment.