IT in education is a necessary condition for sustainable socio-economic development




IT in education, Object, Means, Teaching tool, Modern technologies, Quality of teaching as a means of development


Remembering the old wisdom “we need smart and healthy people”, I would like to draw attention to the fact that in our modern world we need young, educated people working with the most advanced technologies. The use of IT in the learning process as an object, means and tool can achieve better results. In the modern global world, it is necessary not only to study some of the basics of science and develop new areas, but also to introduce them widely. We are talking about active international cooperation of scientists on the basis of modern IT. The aim of the multi-year study was to study and test the possibilities of using IT to improve the quality of education. The main idea was a multidimensional study of IT and its impact on the development of the learning process. The main research methods were the analysis of forms and methods of teaching with IT based on multi-dimensional and multi-speed feedback
implemented by various tools. The object of study was also IT. The result of the research was some recommendations for changing the course of lectures or classes in high school or lyceums based on ultra-fast feedback. The article originated as a generalization of scientific research of several institutions in Slovakia, Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, the Czech Republic, Hungary and other countries. The article presents some approaches to the use of IT and their impact on the quality of education.