Social entrepreneurship as a catalyst for sustainable socio-economic development




Social entrepreneurship, Sustainable development, Socio-economic development, Social responsibility


The article considers trends in the development of social entrepreneurship, which is an important element of sustainable socio- conomic development. In terms of global challenges the issues of solving emerging socio-economic problems are actualized, which
requires appropriate transformations and the search for new mechanisms of interaction that promote intersectoral cooperation and the involvement of different stakeholder groups. One of the tools to achieve socio-economic sustainability is the development of social
entrepreneurship, which solves important socially significant problems of society and simultaneously has a positive economic, social and environmental impact. In social entrepreneurship, social responsibility plays a vital role, encouraging to think not only about the economic component, but also to seek the social and environmental aspects of their actions. In this regard, the purpose of the work is to identify the role of social entrepreneurship in achieving sustainability of socio-economic development. To achieve the goal and analyze the available data we used such general scientific methods of knowledge as abstraction, deduction, deconstruction, synthesis, analogy, axiomatics. The use of this methodological apparatus made it possible for the authors hereof to conclude that social entrepreneurship has the necessary potential and a positive impact on sustainable socio-economic development through related
activities that contribute to the optimization of resources used, overcoming socially significant problems of society.