Foreign experience of the development of territories with uneven landscape




smart city, strategic planning, municipal administration, spacial development, territories with uneven landscape


The article presents the results of a study of foreign practices of "smart" city concept implementation in territories with uneven landscape. Territories located in the foothills with a significant height difference from 0 to 600 meters above sea level are considered as territories with an uneven landscape. The study addresses the problem of assessing the management readiness level of cities to determine relevant experience for its implementation in the Russian Federation. The authors of the study developed seven criteria for assessing the readiness of cities to implement the "smart" city concept, using the elaborated method of the management readiness level determination. The study was conducted on the basis of an expert assessment of criteria and subsequent ranking of cities according to their integral indicators. The authors conclude that due to the similarity of the geographical and demographic characteristics of Bilbao and Cuenca with the regions of the North Caucasus, as well as the high management readiness level of these cities, their experience is applicable to the Russian Federation.