E-commerce in BRICS Countries




E-commerce, BRICS cooperation, China


In an effort to cope with the problems that arose as a result of the pandemic and led to a decrease in the volume of the economies, the BRICS countries are helping each other by expanding Intra-group economic cooperation. One of the innovative forms of their interaction is the development of e-commerce of the five countries. The relevance of the study is due to the fact that e-commerce is a driver of economic growth in developing countries, including the BRICS countries. The study concluded that China is the world's largest e-commerce market. It was revealed that the Internet of things, cloud computing, etc. contribute to the growth of this sector of the economy. It is noted that despite the fact that Russia has the largest number of Internet users in Europe, the volume of e-commerce in the country is small. The conclusion is made about the prospects for further development of e-commerce in the BRICS countries, about the importance of stimulating this process. As a result of the study, the advantages and bottlenecks of e-commerce, as well as the main directions of its development in the BRICS countries, were identified.