Investment by Russian real sector corporations in terms of ensuring national security




Financial crisis, Investment strategy, Corporations, Globalization, National economy


In modern economic literature, several strategies for the development of corporations are considered at the theoretical level. However, the strategy of domestic economic activity is not considered as an independent form of strategy or insufficient attention is paid to it. The purpose of the article is to identify strategies for the activities of Russian enterprises based on their annual reports and ratings of Russian analytical agencies. Research objectives are, firstly, the development of a methodology for evaluating the results of activity
strategies and, secondly, the analysis of activity strategies as a result of their commodity market, resource market, technological, integration and financial investment strategies. The study conducted revealed the features of strategies of corporations in the national market. According to the results of the analysis, the use of traditional theories in the context of the current financial globalization in a country with a developing economy is ineffective for the formation of an investment strategy. Macroeconomic factors have a strong impact, which is most evident during and after the crisis. The financial crisis has a strong impact on the capital structure. The factor that determines the development of the market has a significant impact on the debt burden and plays an important role in making financial decisions after the financial crisis.