Methodological aspects in the assessment of financial security of a region




Economic security, Strategic development, Regional development, Macro-districts, Investments, Subsidies, Budget revenues


The paper is devoted to the development of tools for assessing the financial security of a region in order to form a strategy for the territorial development in the context of the interaction between the goals of sustainable socio-economic development and economic
security. The paper considers the features of financial security assessment. The assessment was carried out by centralized and decentralized finance of a region. Taking into account the existing limitations of statistical observation at the level of municipalities, the composition of indicators and their threshold values used in assessing the financial security of a region was specified. The measurement was carried out in the context of six macro-districts according to three indicators: the average level of subsidization of local budgets of the macro-district; tax and non-tax revenues of local budgets per capita (coefficient of development of own revenues in local budgets); business efficiency ratio. An analysis of the dynamics and structure of subsidies for the period 2015 – 2020 shows that the main increase in subsidies falls on the Western and Southern macro-districts, the growth rate exceeds the average for the territory
over the same period. There is a clear dynamics of development and improvement of the own revenues of local budgets of most macro-districts of the territory. There is a decrease in the business efficiency ratio in general in Krasnoyarsk Territory in 2020, due to the impact of the pandemic and lockdown.